At Paola Reina we have been working for decades to bring hope to children all over the world. This path has allowed us to imagine, to dream and to innovate. To innovate in our process of manufacture, in the design and in the improvement of the quality of our products. We currently offer one of the most extensive and varied doll catalogs in the world, ranging from classic collectible dolls to modern dolls, dolls with mechanisms and educational babies. This variety has allowed us to position our products at the display windows in more than twenty countries. A great effort that is compensated every time a girl or boy plays with one of our dolls.

Working with illusion

Paola Reina seeks to evoke emotions, feelings and magic moments. This illusion makes every detail, every dress, eye color, lip gloss, bows … so important to us. That’s why, all the people who form Paola Reina Dolls team work with professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication.

We would like to count on you

It is nice to feel that you are near us, that you like what we do and that you share with us this wonderful world … this world of the dolls.

Origin is the quality brand that distinguishes a product manufactured 100% in Onil, granting each product its authenticity, safety and quality, based on tradition. This symbol has caused a doll, a classic toy, can revive completely renovated.


At Paola Reina we have been working for decades to bring hope to children all over the world. This path has allowed us to imagine, to dream and We make dolls to dream, to excite, to enjoy playing …, that is why we give importance to each one of the details during the elaboration process.

The production process

At Paola Reina we pay attention to every production process to create dolls of great quality and design. Behind each Paola Reina doll there is a large group of specialists who work on its development. Technology, quality and design play a very important role in the manufacturing process, combining advanced techniques with other totally handcrafted ones such as mold sculpture, face makeup, hairstyle or dressing.

Made in Spain

At Paola Reina we understand our work as a philosophy of life that is based on our commitment to quality. That’s why we are directly responsible for all our creative processes. All our dolls as well as their clothes and accessories are manufactured 100% in Spain, in our factory of Onil (Alicante), the birthplace town of the dolls and the toys from the decade of 1870s. This certification “Made in 100% in Spain” ensures the Compliance with the strictest controls of European quality regulations of our products.

The materials

The materials used in our dolls are of high quality. From the raw material to the fabrics, hair, eyes, the soft smell of vanilla and each of the accessories of our dolls.
The material used to make our dolls is soft PVC free of phthalates. We want to make sure your child is safe, that’s why we have eliminated 100% of the chemicals that include phthalates.
Soft Bodies
The bodies of some of our dolls are made with poplin fabric (cotton and polyester) free of dyes and filled with fire retardant acrylic fiber. The soft body dolls have a very soft texture and you can´t avoid giving them a hug.
They are dolls made with heart, created with quality and design … We are proud to offer you well made dolls.


Playing with dolls is a wonderful thing, it helps children to know the world around them and to transform it through the game in a more beautiful place. All children need a doll to play with to project through it a view to a real world and to objective and possible life options. A doll to look alike and be an expression of their needs, solutions and positive influences.

Take care of your doll

Creating them their own personality, being usually the caretakers or tutors of that character, dressing them, feeding them …
For these types of games we recommend our collections: Los gordis, Los peques, Los bebitos recién nacidos, Los bebés, Las blanditas, Los andy primavera, Alex y Sonia, Los manu, Los confis, Marcos y Laura, Los niños and Los Pikolines de Paola Reina.

Playing doctors and teachers

Girls and boys acquire a profession, they need their dolls to practice their decision to become hairdressers, teachers or doctors.
For these types of games we recommend our collections: Las Amigas, Soy Tú, Los Bebitos, Alex y Sonia, Los Andy primavera and Los Niños.

A symbolic play

A symbolic play begins when children are about 18 months old. In this type of game the dolls become important, giving a child the opportunity to create other lives through them, other worlds, to play to be others and allowing them to identify themself in a simpler way with the real world, combining real facts with imaginative ones.

To play with dolls

Jugar con muñecas y muñecos se considera algo fundamental y básico para el desarrollo motor, emocional, social y cognitivo de los niños y niñas. De hecho, si estos juguetes no existieran, los niños espontáneamente los crearían a su manera.
Personalize your dolls.
Boys and girls play with dolls turning their doll into themselves or creating another personality, where the dolls are the protagonists and they are not part of the scene.
For these types of games we recommend our collections: Las Amigas, Las Reinas de Paola, Las Blanditas,Soy Tú, Los Peques de Paola and Los Paolitos

Benefits of playing with dolls

The game with dolls helps the child in their movement, emotional, social and cognitive development:
  • They let you know their environment and develop your thinking.
  • Development of communication and language skills. Children verbalize constantly while doing it, whether they are accompanied or not.
  • Learning tasks and everyday habits. Through the imitation of the adult world.
  • It favors the understanding and assimilation of the surrounding world.
  • It promotes imagination and creativity. While inventing those fictional worlds.
  • It helps to recognize, to route and to express emotions through the dolls, giving the opportunity to handle the situation and control these emotions.
  • In the earlier ages, playing with dolls favors motoric development as a child must generate the impulse force so the dolls can perform the desired action.